Dominating the Market Share: A Google Ads Success Story for Stoneycreek Village Dental

June 11, 2023
Tyler Trowbridge

Fire Media Group is excited to share a remarkable success story featuring Stoneycreek Village Dental and our strategic Google Ads campaign. Through our collaborative efforts, we helped Stoneycreek Village Dental achieve extraordinary results by generating 44 conversions per month at a remarkable cost per acquisition (CPA) of $44.

In this case study, we will delve into our partnership and highlight how our focused approach on emergency dental keywords drove new patient opportunities, enabling Stoneycreek Village Dental to dominate the market share in their competitive community.


Stoneycreek Village Dental faced significant challenges in a highly competitive market, where larger dental practices with bigger marketing budgets dominated the landscape. Their primary goals were to increase their patient base, establish a strong online presence, and stand out in emergency dental services.


To address these challenges, Fire Media Group developed a comprehensive Google Ads strategy tailored to Stoneycreek Village Dental's specific needs and goals.

The key components of our strategy included:

  1. Targeting Emergency Dental Keywords: We conducted extensive research to identify the most relevant emergency dental keywords that potential patients in the area were searching for. By strategically optimizing our ad campaigns with these keywords, we ensured maximum visibility and drove new patient opportunities for Stoneycreek Village Dental.
  2. Compelling Ad Copy and Design: Our team crafted compelling ad copy and captivating visuals that effectively communicated Stoneycreek Village Dental's expertise in emergency dental services. We highlighted their quick response times, skilled team, and commitment to providing exceptional care during urgent dental situations.
  3. Continuous Campaign Monitoring and Optimization: We closely monitored the campaign's performance, regularly analyzing key metrics such as click-through rates, conversions, and cost per click. This allowed us to make data-driven adjustments and optimizations to enhance campaign effectiveness and maximize results.


Our strategic approach delivered outstanding results for Stoneycreek Village Dental:

  1. Consistent Lead Generation: The Google Ads campaign generated a steady stream of 44 conversions per month, providing Stoneycreek Village Dental with a consistent influx of new patient opportunities.
  2. Impressive Cost per Acquisition (CPA): Despite the intense competition, we achieved an impressive CPA of $44. This demonstrated our ability to acquire new patients at a cost-effective rate, ensuring a positive return on investment for Stoneycreek Village Dental.
  3. Market Share Domination: Through our focused approach on emergency dental keywords, Stoneycreek Village Dental successfully dominated the market share in their competitive community. They established themselves as the go-to dental practice for individuals seeking urgent dental care, solidifying their reputation and market position.


The success story of Stoneycreek Village Dental exemplifies the power of a well-executed Google Ads campaign tailored to emergency dental services. By partnering with Fire Media Group, they not only overcame market challenges but also established themselves as the premier choice for emergency dental care in their community.

If you're looking to achieve similar results and establish your practice's authority, contact Fire Media Group today. Our expertise in digital marketing strategies can help you drive new patient opportunities, dominate your market, and thrive in the competitive dental industry.


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